Familial Status Discrimination | Has it happened to you?

Familial status discrimination is employment discrimination against workers based on their off-duty family caregiving responsibilities. Pregnant women, mothers and fathers of young children, and employees with aging parents or sick spouses or partners may encounter family responsibilities discrimination. They may be rejected for hire, passed over for promotion, demoted, harassed, or terminated — despite good […]

New Report from NWLC: Set Up to Fail

Our terrific partners at the National Women’s Law Center just released this important and spot-on report, Set Up to Fail, about the incredible challenges low-wage parents face in trying to make ends meet in a way that doesn’t undermine their children’s chances for success. Every day, working parents in low-wage jobs are desperate to keep […]

Paid Family and Medical Leave – Resources to Share!

Whether you were able to join our call on December 4th about paid family + medical leave or not, we wanted to get some good resources on the topic into your hands. Please consider sharing the ones that really speak to you, because that’s how change happens: one personal conversation at a time. Happy reading, […]